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Reverse Cycle Split System Air Conditioning

Your comfort, our expertise and care

ScottsAir & Panasonic

ScottsAir uses and recommends Reverse Cycle Split System Air Conditioning from Panasonic for an economical way of obtaining reverse cycle heating and cooling for single room situations. These solutions give you a temperature control system that responds quickly and efficiently, with minimum noise. Selecting the right systems that suit your home and lifestyle is vitally important and that is why ScottsAir's experience and expertise in this area is so crucial.

SApana splitsmall

What are Reverse Cycle wall split Systems?

Traditional room air conditioners are installed in a window or wall and can be quite noisy. A Wall Split System consists of two parts, with the noisiest component installed outside, resulting in quieter operation. Reverse cycle simply means that the unit can both heat and cool your room. Wall mounted split systems are intended to be single room solutions and whilst air will flow to other areas, the air conditioner can only control what happens to the air in the room in which it is installed.

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How does split System Air conditioning work?

Wall mounted split system air conditioning systems have two major components; one unit mounted on the wall inside the room being heated or cooled, and the other unit on the ground or wall outside the home.

The reverse cycle systems work via heat exchange, with both the inside and outside units containing coils with refrigerant that a fan blows over to provide either warm or cool air. As required, the unit either draws the heat from inside the room and takes it outside (cooling the air), or takes the heat from the outside and brings it inside (heating the air). The outside unit also contains the compressor, thereby placing the noisiest parts outside the room and providing quieter operation than traditional room based air conditioning.

ScottsAir Solutions Design

ScottsAir has the extensive experience and expertise needed to design solutions for your specific needs. To obtain optimal performance it is important the inside unit is positioned correctly within the room and that the right size air conditioning unit is selected. If a unit is too large, it will turn off quickly when it assumes that the set temperature has been reached. It will stay off for three minutes and as the warmed or cooled air leaves the room, it will become uncomfortable. The oversized unit will then switch on with a vengeance, causing more discomfort as the cycle continues. Additionally, the longevity of your air conditioner will be drastically reduced in this situation, and such an installation would not be economical.

inverter and other technologies

There are numerous technologies and benefits included in the ScottsAir reverse cycle split systems air conditioning, including;

  • Advanced Inverter technology which enables the compressor to automatically vary its speed, and its cooling and heating capacity, according to the outside conditions and desired temperature. It will work down to 30% when the heat load is small (internal doors closed, moderate weather conditions), and up to 120% when the heat load is high (internal doors open, extreme weather conditions). This delivers reduced running costs and improved energy efficiency.
  • Advanced coil protection on the outdoor and indoor coils provides corrosion resistance to the elements and is supplied as standard.
  • A Turbo function provides the capability to quickly achieve the desired set temperature by operating the unit at its maximum capacity until that temperature is reached.
  • An intelligent four-way multi-directional air-flow function provides good air circulation and consistent comfort your room, by adjusting the louvers both left to right and up and down.
  • A Sleep function adjusts the temperature for the first 2 hours by 1ºC per hour, then keeps it at a set temperature for the next 5 hours before automatically turning off, maximising your comfort while you sleep.

Please call us today to arrange an obligation free solution for your home.


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